The Programme

Meet the Lamb: A European Programme of the National Interbranch Organization for Meat (EDOK)

Meet the Lamb is a programme funded by the EU.

The target countries are Greece, Italy and Spain. It aims to showcase the quality of European sheepmeat, raise public awareness regarding its quality benefits, and increase its popularity, and by extension its consumption, in the markets of these countries.

The Meet the Lamb programme is ran by the National Interbranch Organisation for Meat (EDOK), the first and only interbranch organisation to date that focuses on the animal farming and meat sector in Greece.

EDOK was established with the aim of supporting the meat sector to the benefit of its members and society in general. Its main objectives are to improve the operation, control and transparency of the sector; to support and promote the quality of products; and to defend and promote the clearly understood interests of the national professional organisations that are its members.

EDOK currently represents the following bodies:

  • Greek Animal Farming Association (SEK)
  • Hellenic Federation of Butcher Shop Owners (POKK)
  • Meat Agents Association
  • Association of Greek Meat Processing Industries (SEVEK)
  • Pan-Hellenic Confederation of Unions of Agricultural Co-operatives (PASEGES) as a national moderator of Collective Agricultural Organisations